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Workplace Inspections

  • Law offices
  • Boardrooms
  • Trading floors
  • Executive suites
  • Conference rooms
  • Board meeting inspections
  • Info-loss vulnerability surveys

Vehicle Inspections

  • Eavesdropping Detection
  • GPS Tracking Detection
  • Limousines
  • Aircraft
  • Yachts

Intellectual Property Protection Information Security Audits

  • Information security surveys
  • Business espionage prevention
  • Information security

Optical Surveillance Detection

  • Spy Cams, Covert Video
  • Privacy due diligence for hotels, country clubs, resorts, community pools, schools and high profile individuals.

Residential Surveillance Detection

  • Corporate apartments
  • Executive homes & offices
  • Off-site business meetings
  • Hotel room & resort conference areas

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Why do organizations conduct Business Espionage Security Surveys / TSCM inspections?

  • Sensitive information is vulnerable long before it is computerized.
  • To detect unauthorized intelligence gathering before the loss.
  • Detection allows time to stop the loss.
  • To solve current information loss problems.
  • To limit windows-of-vulnerability.
  • To help satisfy due diligence requirements.
  • To help satisfy legal and regulatory requirements.
  • To avoid non-compliance penalties and fines.
  • To help establish the legal status for ‘business secrets’ in court.
  • To help protect employee privacy and personal safety.
  • To identify new information loss vulnerabilities before they are used against you

How do we go about using your services?

  1. Contact us from a “safe” area. Tell us about your concerns and security goals. We will provide suggestions and guidance about the best course of action to take.
  2. Let us know some information about the areas you consider sensitive. Complete our one-page Worksheet. You may also upload a floor map.
  3. We promptly prepare a written Proposal. It contains competitive pricing (with expenses closely estimated), a suggested inspection strategy, and a Letter of Engagement. There are never any cost surprises when working with Murray Associates. We help you plan your inspection so it stays within your budget.
  4. Upon acceptance, we schedule a mutually convenient inspection date. We are available 24/7, at no additional charge.
  5. Our team (2-4 people) will arrive at your location, dressed to blend in, with a few nondescript equipment cases stacked on a small luggage cart.
  6. You are welcome to be with us, and ask questions, throughout the inspection. We enjoy explaining the methodology and equipment.
  7. Upon completion, we conduct a verbal debriefing.
  8. A full written report is usually delivered within a week. It includes: an executive summary, findings, explanation of instrumentation and methodology, an inventory of areas inspected, serial numbers of security seals used, information security vulnerabilities discovered, and cost-effective recommendations for remediation. We are always available to review your report with you. With Corporate Security Solutions, your due diligence is documented in writing by an independent and certified, professional security consultant.
  9. Once you are a member of our client family, we remain available as your security resource. Call here first whenever you have a security-related question, or need to locate a security resource.

Do you need to see our location before you give us an estimate?

It is rarely necessary to inconvenience you with a preliminary visit. The Worksheet is all we need. If your assignment is extensive a floor plan is helpful.

We think there is a problem. What should we do until you get here?

  • Conduct your affairs normally.
  • Do not reveal your suspicions to others.
  • Limit confidential conversations.
  • Keep detailed notes on anything you feel is suspicious.
  • Plan a logical next step if an eavesdropping device is found Debugging Services Malaysia