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Corporate Security Solutions performs Security Audits for compliance to company policies and procedures and/or compliance to local regulatory requirement. Our audits are designed to reduce client’s exposure to loss throughout their business outreach. Written reports are prepared at the completion of each audit and submitted to the client with any deficiencies noted and recommendations for improvement.

These security audits may include as many client requirements as needed. They may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Legal Compliance
  • Compliance to Client Security Requirements
  • Operations Security Review
  • Supply Chain Security
  • Fleet Security Management

In addition to the above security audit inspections and verifications, Corporate Security Solutions will perform the following optional services at the client’s request:

Security Surveys

A Security Survey is a thorough physical examination of a facility and its operations with respect to personnel and company assets. We examine the risks these assets are exposed to, and review the measures that are in place to protect them and to mitigate liability. We identify vulnerabilities and make recommendations on how these can be improved. This can be relevant for new locations or existing facilities, particularly after a loss or incident has occurred.

Security Audits

A Security Audit differs from a survey in that it is a process to assess whether an existing security system and procedures are operating to set of standards or criteria they were designed to. It evaluates the administration of the system, security awareness of employees, the management controls and compliance with standards. This is a valuable tool to give an accurate overview to the senior management.

Safety Audits

On-site Safety Audits are conducted in accordance with client specified policies and procedures and all regulatory requirements to ensure that each specified site location is in complete compliance with these standards, laws and regulations. A comprehensive written report including a legal register is provided to the client at the conclusion of the audit.

Security Witnessing

Acting on behalf of clients interest to act as witness to confirm that product shipped, destruction or stock take are as per client expectations. The witnessing aspects provides clients the peace of mind on ensuring product integrity and asset protection.

Emergency Planning

Scope addresses local fire regulations, Occupational safety and health requirements, internal compliance including review of owned or tenanted building plans to ensure alignment and compliance. The scope includes security review of evacuation plans, assembly point with potential security risk i.e. bomb threats and combines plans to address both EHS and Security risks.

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