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At Corporate Security Solutions, we recognize the hospitality and housing industries have a unique culture. The open and inviting atmosphere is important to your clients, and yet those very standards may make it easier for an adversary to exploit your organization or your customers.
Maintaining a Welcoming Setting for Guests, While Providing Top-Notch Safety and Security Is a Tough Balancing Act. Let us Help.

The security requirements of the hospitality and housing industries are no doubt unique. The challenge is to plan and cultivate a program that focuses on the safety of your customers or guests, and this has to be done in a manner that is not unpleasant or fear-inducing to your clients. First impressions are important, and your security measures should be non-obtrusive.

At Corporate Security Solutions, we Provide Expert Hospitality Security and Housing Security Consulting to the following locations

  • Hotels and Motels
  • Resorts
  • Condominiums and Apartments
  • Residential
  • Theme Parks
  • Cruise Lines
  • Campgrounds
  • Bars/ Night Clubs/ Lounges
  • Company Dining Facilities
  • Fast Food / Deli
  • Restaurants
  • Other services are available upon request

Each and every business type has unique challenges, and even similar businesses may have completely different security challenges.

We Provide Customized Security Risk Assessments to Improve Your Security Without Becoming a Fortress

Often times our recommendations will identify opportunities for cost savings, and minor changes that will have a positive impact on your operations. At the conclusion of our assessments, we provide industry proven and accepted recommendations for corrective actions and cost effective solutions to mitigate vulnerabilities, risks, and liability exposure.

Our Security Risk Assessments Evaluate These Security Measures to Reduce the Risk of Threats at Your Business

Based on a Thorough Review, our Security Risk Assessments Provide Recommendations for

We understand the Security Needs of the Hospitality and Housing Industry

Hospitality and Housing organizations have to be concerned about the security of their staff, guests, equipment, supplies, as well as all ancillary services. Many hospitality businesses also have a gift shop, business centre, restaurant, lounge, pool, and other services that will also present security challenges. We understand the broad range of risks, threats, and vulnerabilities to personnel, facilities, guests, and the organization structure and how to identify, mitigate and/or minimize those to the lowest possible level.

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