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Often times finding a new qualified security professional or director requires an extensive search and more than the average amount of time. Corporate Security Solutions can help you with interim security management services. Interim security management normally starts from three months to a period of time when vacant or new position is filled or up to a handover or set up process. The length of the Interim Security Management Services is dependent on the client’s needs.

Interim Security Management Includes:

  • Day-to-Day security management
  • Devise and implement a loss prevention program
  • Reduce company losses
  • Protect the profitability of the Company
  • Security training
  • Security Officer selection and evaluation
  • Services are arranged on a contractual basis
  • Length of service dependent on clients’ needs or agreed time-lines established

Plus, depending on the scope of assignment, our consultant may also be able to perform a security assessment at no additional charge. That can be a substantial savings for an organization.

Why Engage Corporate Security Solutions

  • Certified Protection Professional
  • Highly qualified Manager/Director
  • Extensive experience in turning a program around
  • Take your security department to the next level
  • Assist in the hiring process

When your organization finds itself in need of a professional to institute change, but cannot wait until they find the right professional internally, Contact Corporate Security Solutions, to assist with interim security management. If your organization has a need for these services, why not utilize the services of a professional security management firm that has extensive experience? Our principal consultant has extensive experience in turning around security department operations and setting in motion the process for changes to the continued operations of the department.

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Interim managers are highly specialized persons who normally have vast experience in a particular field. As time has progressed, this industry is becoming highly segmented and competitive in nature. Since it’s a niche field, it is very important that a candidate must possess an excellent track record in order to be successful. When you are considering an interim security manager, require that that person be Board Certified in Security Management and a Certified Protection Professional (CPP). Anything less may actually increase your liability. At Corporate Security Solutions, we are Certified Protection Professionals with an internationally recognized standard of excellence. Contact us, today.

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