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  • Do you need assistance from someone with security experience that is truly relevant to how a major event is planned and executed?
  • Do you want a security expert who is Board Certified in Security Management?
  • Are you an event planner looking for a security expert to evaluate and coordinate all of the potential security risks?
  • Are you planning a large event, whether it is a concert, festival, political rally, wedding, graduation, company party or any other event expecting a potentially large crowd

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, Corporate Security Solutions is ready to assist you.

How We Protect You as a Special Event Security Consultant

  • We conduct a security risk assessment on the event site.
  • We provide detailed planning and on-site security coordination.
  • We support our clients with specialized expert security advice.

We will work with your event planners to coordinate all aspects of the event so that you and your team will not need to be consumed with safety and security issues. Our services will compliment your event by ensuring the security risks are addressed and prepared.

Why Choose Corporate Security Solutions for Special Event Security Planning Services?

  • We Think Outside The Box and Plan For The Unexpected
  • We Have Experience in Security Planning for Large Events
  • We Provide a Comprehensive On-Site Evaluation of Security Measures Needed
  • We Understand Security Coordination Best Practices

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